A timeless story

History of Neapolitan Tailoring

The history of Neapolitan Tailor’s shop interlaces centuries together, caresses time, crosses space. The value and virtue of Neapolitan tailoring art is now a global knowledge. The first point of this extraordinary social fabric, made up of love, art, tradition and passion, dates back to 1351.
Within the Church of Sant'Eligio, in the heart of Naples, was born the "Confraternita dei Sartori". A sacred place, where groups of priests taught the art of sewing to young Neapolitans.
Throughout the time and history, in the early decades of the 16th century, the first workshops were born in Naples, then small, ever-evolving factories. The knowhow of working silk and wool becomes a plus value and power: the European Royals were increasingly attracted and intrigued by the masters of Neapolitan tailors, so much that some of them become appreciated and recognized personalities among intellectual circles, in literary clubs.
During 1600, Neapolitan tailors travel, stay in European capitals, come into contact with personalities at that time. This affects their own cultural thickness as well as the ability to learn new skills and extend their horizons. In the first quarter of the seventeenth century, the tailors of Naples were more than 600, were recognized as professionals and registered by the "Confraternita dei Sartori", born in the Church of Sant'Egilio three centuries before.
Now Naples is the capital of the “Regno delle due Sicilie” (Kingdom of the Two Sicilies) an European capital as important as London or Paris. It is a growing and evolving city, a destination for artists, poets and philosophers, meeting point of noble and Royals. Meanwhile, the story of Neapolitan tailoring continues its ascent. Creativity, craftsmanship, innate elegance: the tailors of Naples charm kings and governors. Cuts, elegant fabrics, colors: everything helps to embellish the sartorial art, shaping in the eyes and in the hands. The nineteenth century is the century of great industries and the twentieth century the one of the development of Neapolitan tailoring around the world. Today, in every corner of the world , Neapolitan tailoring is synonymous of class, elegance and high manufacturing. An art that has lived the centuries, that never faded but has actually grown its importance and its absolute prestige and value.

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