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Faithful to tradition

I walk along a light color hallway, there are doors on the right and on the left, all the same. I lost my way. In the background I can listen to a radio. "Please, come here." Now I can hear a noise of scissors, iron, excited steps. Young boys are at sewing machines. Girls with decorated nails sit at the RIBATTITURA. Fabric offcuts are everywhere, they cover the floor. Uh, some chalk: : “chest servn p fa e buc”. I stand at a place that luckily exists, still exists. The time is firm to tradition, minds and hands are projected to the work of tomorrow. A scissor captures my attention. Someone noticed it , “sto facenn e quart annanz I hear sewing machine noise and see bottle of water and cotton everywhere. Someone gets up and says, “e nu moment, sto facenn e manc a mappin”. All of a sudden, an unexpected strong sound: it is the compressor, it gives air to the ironing boilers. There is a bustle, maybe some fabrics arrived and there are some hitches.
employee stands up and goes to the manager. In the meantime, I drink a coffee. A young girl is stitching, she does e’ miez punt”. I finished my coffee. The discussion between the manager and the worker seems to be solved. Everything is enclosed in an apparent and illusory calm. A worker’s hands capture my eyes and immediately fascinated me. The eldest of this group has light color eyes, a skilled look and a deeply real expression. His delicate and sincere hands brush the fabric, touching all of it. Then with the palms taste something, takes a chalk, draws on the fabric. A show that makes me speechless and astonished. Out of the window, industrial area of Casalnuovo, province of Naples. Here inside, an endless heart, made of work and passion, vibrates the Neapolitan manufacture history.